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Unfinished SGA stories - giveaway Part 1


I'm back for a limited time only (or something like that)!

Lots of unfinished SGA fic to give away. Here's the first batch.

If you want to claim one, just write the title of the story in the comments below. If you simply liked the story, let me know in the comments. And if you do, in fact, continue the story, please give me credit, etc  (because, you know, these are my brain babies).


1. Christmas in Atlantis

Collapse )
2. Chuck
Collapse )
3. Exile
Collapse )
4. Star Trek AU
Collapse )
5. Easter
Collapse )
6. Puberty
Collapse )
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Project for school

Guys and gals, I could seriously use your help with this!


I’m a graduate student in IUPUI’s Library and Information Science program. I’m writing a paper on fan fiction and whether or not it should be considered a genre and recognized by libraries.  I would really appreciate hearing from both readers and writers of fan fiction on this site:

  • How do you feel about being able to find/read fan fiction at your local library?
  • Are you more likely to visit your library if it offered reference services including information on fan fiction?
  • Do you wish your library would take a front seat in making fan fiction a recognized and respected art?
  • Would you like to see fan fiction-related programs at your library?
  • Do you believe fan fiction has evolved far enough to be considered its own genre?
  • Should writers of fan fiction be recognized by the literary world?
  • Do you believe copywrite laws would be an issue? If so, how would you resolve the problem(s)?
  • What are the benefits of fan fiction to the individual and to society?
  • Any other comments are appreciated.

This paper will not be published. It is a class project and a topic in which I am personally interested.

. I will not disclose any personal information, link to your journal, etc (unless you specifically request that I do so).  Your comments will be identified by only the first three numbers/letters of your screen name.  Your privacy is very important to me.

The resulting paper will be posted to my LJ account, geek_librarian,  for viewing and comments.

Thank you all for you time. I look forward to hearing many insightful responses.

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Yeah, it's a form letter but I swear it's 100% me.

Also thanks to neevebrody and taste_is_sweet for the gifts. You guys are awesome. :)
Love and hugs to all.
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Making a Dream Come True

My last few posts have been about my sister Abi's battle with cancer. The doctors have told us that they're going to do everything they can but they honestly don't think they can do anything but give her a little more time. She has been amazingly brave through all this and our family has been fortunate to have the support of friends and members of our community.

I mentioned Hawaii before too. The one place she's always wanted to go is Hawaii. She's been saving in piggy bank for years. :)

A dear friend of mine found out about Abi's dream and decided to host a fundraiser to help her get there while she was still strong enough to enjoy it. When word got out, another friend volunteered to do the same. My family and I have been so blessed to have friends like's hard not to cry. I'm so grateful.

Since I live so far away from my sister, I can't really help with the fundraisers beyond putting the word out. I'm not going to ask anyone to join in or donate. Times are hard for everyone. But here are the links:

Sparkles for Abi

Mary Kay Fundraiser for Abi

Fundraiser Fair for Abi

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. I will try to keep my journal updated on her condition.
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Hello, my lovelies!

I’ve missed you! *huggles you all*

So, life remains crazy but I have good news. My sister is doing well. Not in remission yet but they’ve removed the larger tumor (size of a subway sandwich!) and she now has hair. I remain stuck in grad school. Bleh. I can’t wait to graduate.

So how goes fandom? How are all of you? Come on, people, what did I miss? I need the gossip! :D
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Signing off

My dear f-list, friends near and far, and anyone else who stumbles across this journal.

My life is crazy.

School is more intense than ever. I barely have enough hours in the day to do my work. Plus, with my sister's illness and other bits of family/friend drama that keeps building up my stress level is way high. So,


Don't know when I'll be back.

It's been a blast! I'll miss you all.

Stay groovy and remember, be awesome towards one another.

All my love,