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Fic: The Proposal

I was feeling sappy, people! My sister is marrying The Gun Toting Utopianist Hippy in four weeks so I'm surrounded by wedding stuff. It's rubbing off on me.


John was walking down the corridor on his way to lunch when his radio beeped.

“Colonel Sheppard, this is Dr. McKay.”

“I’m here Rodney. What’dya need?”

“Meet me outside Lab Three will you?”


“Yes, now! What? You think I would have called you to schedule an appointment? Get your ass down here! I have something to show you.”


“So are you going to tell me what this is about or do I have to guess?”

“You’ll see. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing bad,” Rodney assured as he pulled out a key card of all things and, stepping up to the door, swiped the card over the panel. “Or at least I hope not,” Rodney added, mumbling under his breath as the door opened and John followed Rodney inside.

John stopped abruptly just beyond the entrance, gaping in surprise at what he saw. “Rodney wha…this is….I…this is the chair room in Antarctica. How..?”

“I made it.”

“You made it?!”

“Yes, I made it. It’s um…it’s a lot like a holodeck from Star Trek. You can load different pre-programmed realities to this room and well, this one…I wanted to…”

“This is so cool!” John interrupted, twirling around in circles to catch the illusion from all angles, “The detail is amazing. I’m even cold!”

“Yes well, I wanted it to be as accurate as possible.”

“Artistic pride, huh?”

“Somewhat I suppose,” Rodney replied, brow crinkling up for a moment, “but more because this place is very special to me and since we couldn’t actually go there to…I…this is the first place I ever saw you, John. Right there, in that chair.” Rodney said, nodding his head towards the dais.

“Rodney,” John whispered, stopping his careful inspection of a wall to turn and smile at him affectionately. He took a step towards Rodney, wanting to kiss him but before he could, Rodney twisted away and motioned nervously towards the chair.

“Would you…go sit down, please?”

“Okay…” John agreed amicably if a little disappointed – kissing could wait he supposed – then moved to climb the steps and sit in the control chair. He hadn’t expected it to light up but it did and an image of the Milky Way galaxy immediately appeared over his head, twisting above in a beautiful display of colors and lights, just how he remembered it. John smiled, feeling nostalgic and possibly a little giddy (Rodney built him a holodeck!). 

Rodney had followed John and was now standing tense and anxious-looking at his side, hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets. “Like I said before, this is the first place I ever saw you so I thought…” Rodney paused, swallowing audibly and looking a little green. Without another warning, he bent and dropped to one knee. John panicked, thinking Rodney was having a heart attack, and tried to jump out of the chair but found he was caught. Rodney was holding his left hand in his own and with the other…

“John, I love you. I love you more than I ever thought one human was even capable of loving another and to be honest, sometimes I don’t know why because you…you’re like a flawed proof, full of mistakes and hidden variables that are so complex that I’m not sure even I can ever solve it. But I’m willing to try. I’m willing to devote every second of every day of the rest of my life to you because you’re also the most beautiful…” he broke off, clearing his throat loudly and then, squeezing John’s hand tightly he asked, “John Sheppard, will marry me?”

Then Rodney turned John’s hand over in his own and with fingers shaking, placed a plain gold ring in the center of his palm. Then he ducked his head down, hiding his eyes, apparently too nervous to look at John’s face while he waited for him to answer.

As if there was any doubt what his answer would be.


Rodney’s head jerked up, eyes wide with surprise. “Really?”

“Yeah, Rodney, really.”

“Oh. Okay then.”

Rodney continued to gape at him like a fish and looking at him, John couldn’t help but laugh; leaning down and over the arm of the chair to press kiss after kiss against his slack lips until Rodney’s brain caught up and he kissed back, opened mouth, messy, and just a bit dirty. Finally they broke apart and John rested  their forehead together while he tried to catch his breath; a wide, happy smile playing across his lips. “Love you too, Rodney,” he whispered.

Disclaimer: Sadly, they're not mine :o(

Tags: fan fiction, mckay/sheppard, pg, sga
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