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It's how I live my life.

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I'm a librarian and a sci-fi junkie.

My screenname stands for my fight against domestic violence, child abuse, and all the other causes that the purple ribbon signifies (I'm not going to list them all). I'm a fan of all the ribbons and what they stand for but this one is...personal and it matters a lot to me.

This is pretty much my personal journal-thingy. I may occasionally break into fan fiction but for the most part it'll just be my own commentary on what's going on in my life and in Stargate fandom.

Anything I put in "Memories" will more than likely be McShep fics (in case anyone cares). I'm trying to create a collection of different kinds of fics and place them under several different tags so that I can rec them to anyone who asks and eventually create lists for them on LJ. So, If you're looking for something, I might just have it. :o)

I try very hard not to be confrontational or unfair in my opinions but they are that - my opinions. If you don't agree? That's fine. I'm perfectly happy to hear your opinion too. Just please, try to keep it a discussion and not turn it into an argument.

As for ALL OF MY STORIES: Please, feel free to write sequels, AUs, re-mixes, art, etc, etc, etc. My only request is that you give me credit for the original and let me know that you have played in my sandbox so that I can shower you with accolades and much squeeing.